Apply for Trust/Society/NGO Registration under 12AB Income Tax

NGO Registration


Registration for Trust/Societies under Income Tax

Latest Amendment effective from 1st April,2021

Trusts, Societies or Section 8 companies do charitable or religious work and are often called NGOs or NPOs in general term. i.e. they are non-profit or non-government organizations working for the welfare of the general public with no profit motive. 

India is a vast country with a majority of the population suffering from poverty, illiteracy, and under-development.

There are a large number of NGOs/NPOs working in India in the field of relief to the poor, environmental protection, education, medical or any other matter of general public utility. 

These NGOs are generally registered as : 

(1) Trusts

(2) Societies or 

(3) Section 8 company under Companies Act

However, the registration under the above category does not give them the immunity of Income-tax from the surplus etc. which they derive. They have to be necessarily registered under Income Tax Act so that there is no tax on the income or surplus which they generate during a year.&n